Purchasing Work

To purchase a finished piece or inquire about commissions, please contact Katie Joy:


Artwork is mailed from Chester County PA. Shipping costs above $5 or more than 10% of the item's price may be calculated into the total price. Please allow 5-7 business days for shipping.


Commission prices are primarily based on size, with variations based on cost of materials, cost of time, and shipping. I am able to give price estimates for proposed ideas. Inquiries welcome. A note on portraits: I prefer an in-person sketching session and photoshoot with the subject, when possible. When not possible, I request good quality photos. I may ask the subject a few questions to guide the tone and character of the portrait. 


My favorite medium is oil paint on wood. Although I’m open to commissions using watercolor or acrylic paint, paper, panel, and canvas, I consistently do my best work in oil on wood. Oil paints are my specialty and provide the best longevity, richness of color, and lightfastness. Wood has a sense of solidity and “objectness”, and provides a smooth backdrop for brushstrokes. There are two basic options for the wood itself:

The first option is a simple board either 1/2" or 3/4" thick, which can be left unframed. The edges will be clean but not sharply finished (this is a modern-rustic look).  If desired, you can also frame it independently. I do offer a “floating frame” option, pictured below, in which the painting nests inside the frame with a small gap between painting edge and frame edge (with plywood backing behind). The frame is secured to the back of the painting with screws. Count on at least $200 for a floating frame, depending on size.

The other option is a cradled board or panel. This would be a thinner piece of wood, probably 1/4", stabilized by a frame on the back. Since the cradle frame is only attached to the back, it is invisible when faced head-on. The frame could be 1" to 1 ½” thick, so the painting would project out from the wall. The edges would have a clean, sharp look.  

Option 2 is helpful for large paintings (it's light) but it is more expensive (more work for my carpenter) and may be more difficult to frame later, if you decide you do want a visible frame bordering the image.

OPTION 1 (Simple, unframed board)

OPTION 2 (Cradle-framed board) (Showing backside)

OPTION 1 WITH "FLOATING FRAME" (Close-up, showing gap)



Sizes given are examples. Custom sizes available.



Board (unframed): (Cost is approx. $125 baseline, plus square inches)

9” x 12”: 1 figure $225, 2 figures $250 (each additional figure $25)

(Watercolor, minimum size 3" x 3": $50 baseline, plus square inches)



Board (unframed): (Cost is approx. $100 baseline, plus square inches)

12” x 18”: 1 figure $325, 2 figures $375 (each additional figure $50)

(Watercolor, maximum size 18" x 20": $50 baseline, plus square inches)



Board (unframed): (Cost is approx. square inches)

18” x 24”: 1 figure $425, 2 figures $475 (each additional figure $50)



Board (unframed): (Cost is approx. square inches)

22” x 28”: 1 figure $600, 2 figures $650 (each additional figure $50)



Wood panel (cradle framed): (Cost is approx. square inches plus $25)

24” x 36”: 1 figure $875 (each additional figure $50)

28” x 35”: 1 figure $1000

32” x 36”: 1 figure $1175

32” x 44”: 1 figure $1425